Jessica T. McClary has been involved in Christian ministry the majority of her life. She has served alongside her husband, Pastor Darryl J. McClary, in various capacities throughout their marriage.

At an early age, Pastor J, as she is affectionately known by the congregation of New Light, formulated a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that allows her to exhibit the unconditional love of God to those with whom she comes into contact. Known by those around her as a woman wise beyond her years; she draws heavily on her educational background in Human Services Counseling and Social work as she seeks to holistically meet the needs of families In the Body of Christ. She firmly believes, “Healthy Families create Healthy Churches.” A soft spoken woman, Pastor J, has an amazing ability to reach and inspire as she gracefully balances her role as Executive Pastor and her husband’s greatest supporter.

This multifaceted and amazing woman is also a phenomenal mother. Together she and her husband are blessed to parent Zion, Madison, and many others.

Pastor J, alongside her husband, is striving to empower believers and equip leaders to evangelize the world!