Worship and Arts

New Light Baptist Church was established in 1916 by a group of Worshippers who saw the need for a different type of church; a church that believed that the act of Worship should be the primary focus for assembling. Preserving that belief, New Light has remained committed to keeping praise and worship alive. New Light is “The City of Praise!”

Throughout your worship experience, the Worship and Arts ministry will help to usher you into the presence of God through our musical selections, liturgical dances, and visual illustrations. “O come let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms” Psalms 95:1-2 KJV

Drama Ministry: Our theater arts ministry creates and performs a visual expression of the Word of God. We seek to evangelize and minister to our audience. Various performances are held throughout the year. Males and females of all ages are welcome to join this ministry.

Every weekend people just like you are a part of New Light’s volunteer ministries. If you are interested in serving within the ministry of Worship and Arts, please email worshipandarts@newlight.cc.

Christian Education

The goal of the Christian Education Ministry is to educate, train, and impart into those who seek a greater understanding of God’s Word. New Light believes that we have a responsibility to teach the truth of God’s Word. We are a bible based church that challenges each of its partners to use the power of the Word in their life.

Nursery: The Nursery Ministry introduces the Bible to our smallest partners (ages 0-5). Activities include Bible lessons, story time, crafts, movies, etc. Children can be signed into the Nursery during Sunday Morning Services from 10:00am until the close of Morning Worship. Children must be signed out of the nursery by their parents immediately following Morning Worship. Our nursery services are also available during regular Bible Study on Wednesday nights from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

Children’s Ministry: The Children Ministry teaches the basic foundations of the bible and Christian Principles for Elementary aged children (Kindergarten -5th grade).This class introduces new topics weekly and reinforces student’s learning through interactive activities. The Primary Class is held from 10am until the close of Morning Worship on Sundays and on Wednesday nights from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

Youth Ministry: We desire to teach our youth (Middle & High School) the Word of God and how to build their relationship with Christ. We believe that this “Joshua Generation” will advance the Kingdom in the near future. Youth will be taught how to apply the Bible in their own lives in a way that is relevant to them. Weekly classes for Middle School are available during Morning Worship and Bible Study. Classes for the high school students are offered on Wednesday night Bible Study. Students are offered several activities throughout the year to express their love for God and fellowship with other teens.

Kingdom Life Academy:

-This group of classes includes New Light 101 – New Light 401.

-New Light 101 teaches the Vision and Mission of New Light.

-New Light 201 teaches the steps to help one grow and develop spiritually.

-New Light 301 allows it’s attendees to explore and discover his or her spiritual gifting.

-New Light 401 allows it’s attendees to explore and understand his or her mission or life’s assignment.

Employment Services: Employment Services assists job seekers with resume building, interviewing techniques, and employment opportunities. Employment opportunities are available for review during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm at the church office and are also listed in each week’s announcements.

Every weekend people just like you are a part of New Light’s volunteer ministries. If you are interested in serving within the ministry of Chritian Education, please email chistianed@newlight.cc.

Congregational Support

Congregational Support provides services to the church body to enhance their overall worship experience. These ministries provide assistance to the church body during worship services and community functions. Being true servants, these support ministries are committed to providing hospitality and assistance to each and every visitor and members that walks through our doors.

Altar Ministry: The Altar Ministry provides support to the Pastor or other officiating minister and congregation during corporate prayer and praise. Composed of those persons with the gifts of faith, discernment, and intercession; altar workers assist in ministering healing and deliverance.

Greeter Ministry: Greeters are responsible for welcoming each guest as they enter New Light. Greeters are aligned at points of entry as you arrive to ensure that everyone feels acknowledged. New Light wants you to know your presence is appreciated!

Kitchen Ministry: The Kitchen Ministry provides catering and refreshments for all ministry events. They are responsible for purchasing food, maintaining the pantry, and the preparation of meals. They also assist with serving and distribution of all food and beverage. We look forward to catering your event in 2013!

Security Ministry: Each week, the Security Ministry helps to secure the grounds and church during services. You may see persons from this ministry patrolling the hallways or giving instructions during events. Our Security Teams also direct and assist guests with parking.

Transportation Ministry: The Transportation Ministry is responsible for organizing and securing transportation for our guests. The Church van is available to transport guests to corporate worship at our mid-week service on Wednesday evenings and on Sundays. To find out more information about our transportation services, please call the church office Monday-Friday during normal business hours. You can also email us at transportation@newlight.cc

Usher Ministry: Working with the Greeters Ministry, the usher’s ministry is responsible for welcoming guest during worship. Ushers are responsible for assisting guests with seating and directions. Congregants are able to obtain information from their nearest assigned usher. They help maintain the order and flow of the services. In times of emergency, they are your first point of contact.

Every weekend people just like you are a part of New Light’s volunteer ministries. If you are interested in serving within the ministry of Congregational Support, please email congregationalsupport@newlight.cc.


The Discipleship Ministry is dedicated to educating and supporting congregants in their daily living. New Light understands that the believer has a plethora of roles that they operate in during their lives. We would like to encourage and strengthen you as you carry out these responsibilities. Each ministry that falls under the Discipleship Ministry addresses practical topics and life lessons from a Christian Perspective for every stage of your life.

Mature & Motivated: The Mature and Motivated (M&M’s) Ministry was created to address issues that affect the lives of older active adults (age 55 and older). This ministry is not for the helpless, but for the “seasoned” that are hopeful of what God has in store for them. Members are able to fellowship and plan activities or discussions throughout the year. All congregants 55+ are welcome to attend.

One Life Marriage Ministry: Facilitated by Pastors Darryl and Jessica McClary, is designed to educate, strengthen, and counsel those who have entered the covenant of Marriage. Our Pastors believe that communication, honesty, trust, and mutual respect are the basis of building a loving and effective partnership. The Marriage Ministry allows couples to fellowship, participate in discussions/team building activities, and encourage one another through their experience

Single’s Ministry: New Light believes that each individual is complete and whole in Christ. Our Singles are actively encouraged to volunteer and fellowship at New Light and in the community. The Single’s Ministry is open to all unmarried members, including those who have been divorced or widowed.

Men’s Fellowship: New Light challenges men to live as devoted and responsible husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers. Men’s Fellowship seeks to empower, mature, and develop men throughout their various roles in life. We seek to educate men on healthy living and healthy relationships.

Women’s Fellowship: The goal of Women’s Fellowship is to strengthen, support, and equip Christian Women in living victorious lives. Women’s fellowship addresses a variety of topics/issues including health, family, relationships, the community, and finances.

Every weekend people just like you are a part of New Light’s volunteer ministries. If you are interested in serving within the ministry of Disipleship, please email discipleship@newlight.cc.

Finance and Stewardship

From its inception, New Light has proven that it is a ministry of integrity by remaining fiscally responsible and self sustaining. We believe that tithing and sowing is an integral part of the Worship experience. Giving is Worship. We seek to glorify God in giving back according to the measure in which he has blessed us.

Trustee Ministry: The Trustee Ministry is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep for the house of God. Trustees manage the daily operations and preservation of the church building, as well as, the grounds. These “stewards” ensure that all ministry property is protected, arranged, and assembled. . Trustees are also responsible for securing, collecting, and distributing resources on behalf of the church.

Every weekend people just like you are a part of New Light’s volunteer ministries. If you are interested in serving within the ministry of Finance and Stewardship, please email finance@newlight.cc.

Information Management

The Information Management Ministry is responsible for the organization, collection, and control of the Church’s technology and media. Information Management is comprised of the Audio Visual, Marketing, and Graphic Design Ministries. Members who participate in this department are able to use creative and artistic gifts alongside those with skills and experience in computers and technology for the use of the Kingdom.

Audio Visual: Believers should strengthen and gird themselves to withstand lives’ various trials. New Light would like to offer you an opportunity to hear the Powerful Word of God being taught by our Pastor. We believe that strong believers will meditate on the Word day and night (Josh 1:8). The Audio Visual Ministry is responsible for recording, creating, duplicating, and distributing media for the ministry. Each Sunday’s Message is available immediately following Morning Worship in the lobby and by submitting an order form to a member of the Audio Visual Ministry.

Marketing: The Marketing Ministry was developed to present New Light’s Mission and Ministry functions throughout the church, community, and the world. New Light believes that we are “called out by God and sent out to the Nations.” The marketing ministry ensures that New Light is visible and accessible in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Graphic Design: The Graphic Design Ministry is responsible for composing and producing visual communication for the promotion of the ministry. Members in this ministry are tasked with creating logos, printed materials, website design, invitations, and advertisements.

Every weekend people just like you are a part of New Light’s volunteer ministries. If you are interested in serving within the ministry of Information Management, please email infomanagement@newlight.cc.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Ministries function as a support to the pastoral duty of “shepherding”. They are responsible for assisting the Pastor in meeting the personal and social needs of the congregation. (Ex 18:14-26 and Acts 6:1-7)

Deacons Ministry: The Deacon’s Ministry is comprised of a group of men and women who have been called and set aside to care for the needs of the people. They are the first line of contact for our partners. Deacons may be contacted in times of crisis, death, illness, or an extended absence or hardship. In addition to these responsibilities, they prepare and disperse communion and assist with baptism.

Missionaries: Much like the office of the deacon, missionaries are tasked with caring for people. Missionaries primarily focus on those outside of our church walls, in the community, country, and the world. Missionaries are true examples of Christ’s Ministry on this Earth. They seek to show the love and compassion of Christ through volunteering and evangelism to the poor, the sick, and the lost. New Light seeks to touch those who are homeless, incarcerated, those affected by natural disasters, social and economic ills. Volunteer opportunities are available immediately!

Intercessory Prayer: “The effectual and fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16b). Intercession is defined as a prayer to God on behalf of somebody or something else. Intercessors carry a burden for the welfare of the church, community, and the world. Please join us in prayer for our Pastors, their family, the New Light Church body, our schools, and our governments.

Health Care Ministry: This ministry is composed of licensed healthcare workers and those that have a passion for caring for the health and well being of others. Ministry persons will respond to congregants in the event of a medical emergency. Laypersons are trained and certified in CPR, First Aide, and wound care. Volunteers in the Healthcare Ministry are responsible for gathering and maintaining supplies for those with illnesses, such as diabetes.

Every weekend people just like you are a part of New Light’s volunteer ministries. If you are interested in serving within the ministry of Pastoral Care, please email pastorcare@newlight.cc.

Cancer Support

The Cancer Support Ministry provides support and encouragement to those persons and their families who are affected by the disease. This ministry is open to the Community and supported by the American Cancer Society. Currently meetings are held the last Thursday of every month at The Chesapeake Central Library. For specific dates and times please see Events Calendar.

Every weekend people just like you are a part of New Light’s volunteer ministries. If you are interested in serving within the ministry of Cancer Support, please email cancersupport@newlight.cc.